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2nd International Conference Fertilizers 2024: Turkiye
Istanbul, Turkiye, 24-26 April 2024

World Fertilizer Market (Chem-Courier Agency) is pleased to announce the start of the preparations for its second offline conference dedicated to the Turkish fertilizer market, considering the valuable and useful experience of the first event. It was full of discussion meetings with various market players from Turkiye and other countries about diverse aspects of conventional nitrogen, phosphate and specialty compound fertilizers in the Turkish market that still have a lot of room for development there.

The 2nd International Conference Fertilizers 2024: Turkiye will take place in Istanbul, Turkiye, in 24-26 April 2024. Istanbul is considered easily accessible to all regional and non-regional market players. WFM team continues to attract Turkish and international producers, international traders and the importers operating in the area in focus to provide our partners with the opportunity to establish new business relations and strengthen them.

Among significant challenges and news of 2023 that are influencing the current situation and shaping the future of the Turkish market are as follows:

      -       the development of a gas field in Turkiye in 2023 and new deposits discovered there
-       the volatility of prices for natural gas in Turkiye, the development of a new deposit and its further impact on the local fertilizer production
-       the low probability of the import of European fertilizers into Turkiye, considering high natural gas value in the region
-       the instability of grain shipments and its pressure on the freight market in the Black Sea
-       the logistical issues: insurance companies may refuse to insure vessels in the Black Sea region in view of a high risk of a military attack
-       the renewal of ammonia supplies from Russia to Turkiye and its impact on prices for imported ammonia.

Given the latest economic shocks to the market such as the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, high volatility of prices for ammonia, phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers and the above-mentioned market highlights, WFM finds it necessary to discuss the latest diversity of ammonia shipments to Turkiye, the import of other raw materials such as phosphoric acid and sulphur into the country and the most recent changes in it; the new gas deposit; review of the import of diammonium phosphate and urea and the consumption of these fertilizers in the country with market players.

WFM team, together with the conference audience, will also continue exploring Turkiye as one of the world’s major exporters of phosphates and nitrates. The event will cover the expansion of the country’s fertilizer capacity and a possibility of a rise in Turkiye’s fertilizer export in 2023—2025 with the startups of UAN and NPK facilities by 2025; the competitiveness of Turkish producers in the global market. Considering all the above and the latest export trade regulations, WFM team is going to evaluate Turkiye’s potential for export growth, especially in the face of new competition from Russian AN/CAN suppliers in the world after the abolition of antidumping duties in Europe.

Turkiye remains a fertilizer transshipment hub by storing and re-exporting some fertilizers from seaports in free economic zones. These flows into and out of the country, changes in them in recent years and the resulting issues will also be brought up for discussion during the conference.

The conference attendees will have a chance to get insights into analytics and case studies from market players and WFM (Chem-Courier Agency) experts, discuss the burning issues and negotiate with business partners.

The conference highlights: The conference audience:

- The markets for nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers

- The markets for ammonia, sulphur and phosphoric acid      

- The consumption of fertilizers in Turkiye

- Specialty and water-soluble fertilizers

- Benchmark prices in the country and around the world

- Transport and logistics.

- Turkish and global producers of mainstream and specialty fertilizers

- International and regional traders

- Importing companies

- Shipping companies and seaport representatives.


Do not miss out on the opportunity to sign up for it and discuss the latest challenges and solutions to them!

Agrowth — silver sponsor
Friday, 06 October 2023
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Agrowth becomes silver sponsor of Fertilizers 2024: Turkiye conference.

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