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World Fertilizer Market (Chem-Courier Agency) is pleased to announce the start of the preparations for its first offline conference dedicated to the Turkish fertilizer market. This event will look at various aspects of conventional nitrogen, phosphate and specialty compound fertilizers in the Turkish market that may be of interest to companies from Turkey and fertilizer suppliers and consumers from around the globe. Do not miss out on the opportunity to sign up for it to discuss the latest challenges and solutions to them!

The I International Conference Fertilizers 2023: Turkey will take place in Istanbul on 15—17 March 2023.

Istanbul is considered easily accessible to all the regional and non-regional market players. WFM team is continuing to attract large-scale Turkish and international producers, international traders and the importers operating in the area in focus to provide our partners with the opportunity to establish new business relations and strengthen them.

WFM team, together with the conference audience, will explore Turkey as one of the world’s major importers and exporters of fertilizers. We will delve into recent changes in the global commodity flows, including those from North Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and Central Asia into Turkey, and last year’s transformation of domestic fertilizer trade. As specialty NPKs stay rather popular in the country, WFM will cover this topic at the conference as well.

Turkey is an exporter of phosphates and nitrates with established trade flows and distribution chains in Europe. Local suppliers have long-term contracts with international traders. Turkey has also become a fertilizer transshipment hub in 2022 by storing and re-exporting some fertilizers from seaports in free economic zones. Considering all the above and the latest export trade regulations, WFM team is going to evaluate potential for Turkey to enlarge exports worldwide.

Watching the global fertilizer and raw material markets trends closely, WFM team analyses changes in the region. The conference will address the industry issues such as wild continuous price fluctuations, the latest government directives and logistical issues in Black Sea region and their impact on trade in Turkey.

As 2022 has brought tough new challenges around the globe, WFM team suggests finding out how Turkey overcame them by increasing imports of more affordable goods from Oman/Iran and Turkmenistan and even ramping up exports of CAN as it can be substituted for urea. A decrease in imports of phosphates aimed at protecting local producers also had a profound impact on Turkey’s consumption and export capabilities.

The outlook for the Turkish urea, phosphate and NPK markets will be another topic the conference will bring up. WFM team will explore alternative supply sources and a probable increase in shipments from North African, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Georgian and Azerbaijani producers to Turkey.

The conference attendees will have a chance to get insight into analytics and case studies from market players and WFM (Chem-Courier Agency) experts, discuss the burning issues and negotiate with business partners.

The conference highlights:

- Markets for nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers      

- Markets for green ammonia

- Consumption of fertilizers in Turkey

- Stabilised nitrogen and specialty fertilizers

- Benchmark prices in region and around world

- Transport and logistics

The conference audience:

- Turkish and global producers of staple and specialty fertilizers

- International and regional traders

- Importing companies

- Shipping companies and seaport representatives



Benefits from participation in the conference:

   - Increased revenues and better market standing: with access to our market expertise, you will always outperform your rivals
   - New partners: networking will help you enlarge sales and profits
   - Improved corporate image: by presenting a strong positive self-image, you will heighten awareness of your brand
   - Time and cost savings: possibility of holding negotiations with all the partners in one place
   - Pleasant atmosphere: possibility of doing business in a friendly environment
Fill in the registration form to keep abreast of the latest developments in a changeable market!